Columbus Bar

Faro-city centre

  • Wine
  • Terrace
  • Outdoor
2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Serving superior cocktails inside a centuries-old romantic building in Faro, Columbus Bar is the place to go at night in this famously sunny city.

Located harborside in the coastal town of Faro, Portugal, Columbus Cocktail & Wine Bar is a multi-award winning venue offering all who enter an adventure in flavors, creativity, and cocktail craftsmanship.

One cannot overstate the striking nature of the setting that surrounds Bar Columbus. The bar sits just yards from the water and within the historic walls of a sun-faded stone building directly on a stately square complete with centuries-old church. Under the arched porticos and inside Bar Columbus you’re met with even more grandeur as the bar sparkles from wall-to-wall with dimpled leather, grand columns, sparkling light fixtures, and even a dainty fireplace. Behind the bar, the shelves are stocked with a spectrum of spirits, and the bottles are wielded with precision by a team that was recently awarded Best Bar Team at a Portuguese national competition.

The menu changes annually, and even if you don’t find something within its many pages, Columbus is more than happy to help you concoct a custom beauty. We didn’t have that problem though, with a section dedicated to some of their recent competition cocktails quickly proving to be our favorite. Highlights include the Scarlett Botanical (premium gin, lime, hibiscus, elderflower cordial, nutmeg, and creamy egg white), the taste bud-tickling Hygge (vodka, citrus, apple-green, sweet cinnamon, black pepper, basil, egg white), and a decadent Victoria (premium dark rum, lemon, apple, chocolate Irish cream liqueur, and a splash of whisky).