Harry's Bar


Harry's Bar


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May 11, 2018

Harry’s bar and restaurant in Florence, Italy, boasts its heritage of founding the Bellini cocktail. With a panoramic view of the city including the Arno river, there’s no-where else quite like it.

Harry’s is a beautiful and timeless bar, created in 1952, and sits in the heart of Florence. With panoramic views of the city and delectable cocktails. 

Illuminated by wonderful  Murano glasswork candles, the bar creates a real sense of romance and seclusion. There are many amazing features here, such as its beautiful outdoor terrace that allows guests to overlook the Arno river with the Ponte Vecho in the background. Of a summer evening, Harry’s is the place to be to catch those wonderful sunset views over the city. 

If you are searching for the best cocktails around, look no further. Not only does Harry’s create magnificent tasting concoctions, but they are the true founders of the Bellini cocktail! This makes Harry’s stand out from all other cocktail bars in the city as they have the knowhow and the masterminds within, to mix up the best traditional tasting Bellini. Classic cocktails are all on their menu, including some specialist martinis served in small cocktail glasses with a swirl of lemon peel! 

Their food menu includes raw flavours with influences from Florence and Tuscany, emphasising on ‘lightness and digestibility.’ Famous for their ‘taglierini au gratin with ham’ and their Shrimps in curry sauce with pilaf rice, their food menu extends to some very delicious and traditional meals. 

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