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May 11, 2018

Moyo bar in Florence, Italy, is a pre-club scene dishing up a delicious aperitivo menu and some brilliant cocktails.

Sitting in a prime location within Florence, Moyo is a chic and popular bar best known for their quality aperitivos. 

Hosting weekly themed nights such as ‘Monday madness’, ‘American Aperitivos’ and ‘video DJ’, Moyo is a fun place to unwind, enjoy tasty food and cocktails. Their DJ’s play a mixture of spin club and dance music, which makes this bar the perfect pre-club scene. The beige walls combined with high backed chairs around glossy black tables and a hard wood bar, creates the sense of a ‘vintage yacht’ interior.  

Their amazing cocktail list runs from classics such martinis and negroni’s to their in-house cocktails and specialities. We have a few picked out that deserve a mention, starting with the ‘Adios MTFK’. This cocktail contains sours, curaçao, vodka, rum, gin, blue curacao and fresh lemon. Next is the ‘Dirty Shirley’, which is a slight spin off from a ‘dirty martini’, mixing vodka, cranberry and ginger ale. Obviously their speciality is their ‘Moyo’ cocktail that is a vast mixture of vodka, curaçao, wine, fresh lemon and cranberry. And lastly if you still have room, give the apple basil a taste too!  
One thing that Moyo’s clientele love is their buffet. You can choose whatever you want from their aperitivo buffet and pile your plates as high as you like!  

Don’t forget that Moyo also have a shisha menu as well as free wifi!

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