Pearly Gates

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Pearly Gates


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May 11, 2018

Mixing a sleek design with expertly crafted drinks composed with a creative flair, Pearly Gates has become heaven for Frankfurt's cocktail lovers.

One of the latest hotspots for cocktails in Frankfurt, Pearly Gates stands out from the crowd with its unique mix of retro and modern and an atmosphere that is equal parts rock-n-roll and refinement.Getting its name from the moniker that legendary American guitarist Billy Gibbons gave his guitar – and some would say the heavenly effect that their cocktails have on guests – Pearly Gates excels at being that rare breed of hip and fun bar that still takes its cocktails very seriously. With a unique, chic decor that is equally inspired by New York of the 1920s, Italy of the 1960s, and modern day Germany, Pearly Gates is full of soft lighting, antique tin ceiling tiles, bronze lamps, and various striking industrial fittings, which immediately feels different from the low key, clandestine cocktail bars that have been popping up in recent years. Pearly Gates may feel a bit different than the rest, but in its execution of cocktails, it is firmly planted in the upper echelon of present day mixology masters in the city. One of their signature drinks is the Frankfurt Spice Trade made with gin, pink pepper, fresh ginger, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and basil, illustrating their prowess perfectly. Special cocktails are always keeping things fresh at Pearly Gates, like the recent Ginger Mint Julep and The Fennel Destination, the latter made with vodka and flavors of fennel, lemon, honey, and bitter orange. Photo credit –