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May 11, 2018

A venue that combines sensory-bending mixology and mouthwatering dining in a gorgeous space, Eliksir is quite simply like nothing else in Gdansk.

As the name would suggest, Eliksir takes the fine art of concocting creative cocktails very seriously. In addition to its dedication to the art of the unique libation, Eliksir pairs their flamboyant drinks with delectable food, making the venue one of the most unique in all of Gdansk. Eliksir impresses from the moment you walk through the door, as an exposed brick wall adorned with golden letters spelling out ‘Eliksir’ and the long wooden bar are bound to be the first things you see. The grand bar is backed by multiple shelves of premium spirits and a retro black menu board, complete with customizable white letters, which can be re-arranged at a whim. As you turn your attention to the cocktails on offer, you will find a blend of quintessential staples and signature drinks that deliciously push the creative envelope. Just a small sampling of these magical mixes include the exotic Le Coquette – premium champagne, apricot liqueur, and saffron –  the warming S.M. Fogg – whisky, port, and the essence of peanut butter – the smooth S.S. Mongolia – gin, blackberry, and wheat beer – and the punchy Pisco San Francisco – pisco, carrot, and orange. The delicious food menu is full of surprises too (think risotto, lamb, cod, and foie gras) and is designed to pair perfectly with the cocktails –  even including a page matching up entrees with individual elixirs.