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    The famously known bar Little Barrel is one of Geneva’s favourites. Created from high profile bartenders, Little Barrel contains over 50 types of rums and a huge cocktail menu!

    Two of Geneva’s famous bartenders; Quentin Beurgaud and Nicolas Berger came together to create a bar like no other. Filled with exclusive cocktails such as the vintage ‘Milky Punch’ (created in the 19th century)- which is a contemporary yogurt liqueur, with Tonka syrup and some vanilla spice. Their concoctions also include the drink ‘Indian Road’, which is made with curry and mango. 

    The main attraction here is definitely the rum, purely due to the vast quantity of 50 variations and the amazing quality. The rum is worldly imported, having 30 countries listed on their import list. From Japan to Australia, through Thailand to the Caribbean islands, each barrel is brought here and served up just for their customers. Unlike any other bar around-each bottle at the Little Barrel is available to be bought, so you can take home your favourite drink! Read More
    The bar emits a cosy and warm atmosphere, perfect to meet up with friends and clients to have a relaxed time. There is a quiet upstairs area where you can take a seat in the plush armchairs, while the downstairs contains many tables and unique chairs of varying heights. The extensive food menu allows you to order what you like, although we would highly recommend ordering a plate of tasty appetisers which are the perfect sharing dish, before your main course! 

    Top tip: if your favorite cocktail isn’t on the menu just ask the bartenders and they will be happy to make it up for you (they can make pretty much any cocktail you have ever heard of!) Credit Photo:

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