May 11, 2018

    Jiggers in Ghent, Belgium is a quirky artist bar that creates a sense of secretiveness and curious ambiance.

    Look for the fox with an eyeglass and you’ll know you’ve come across Belgium’s best cocktail bar. Jiggers, the noble drug store, is an unusual and quirky bar based in Ghent, with a secretive unmarked entrance, the only clue being a taxidermy!

    This amazing little bar has won many awards for its alternative style, and fabulous drinks selection. Not only did it win the Venuez Belgium hospitality award but they also made it onto the 50 best cocktail bars of Europe list.

    They have an excellent eye for detail which you’ll notice as you open up their menu, which is delicately hand written in a diary style. This helps play a part in the secretive vibe that Jiggers exert, and you are made to feel you are reading a family recipe that has been kept for many generations. Alongside the writing in the menu, there are some little illustrations of the drinks to help our imaginations! But the artwork doesn’t stop here, when you are served your innovative drink, it is put on a place mat with an animal interpretation of the bar staff (which might help you to get to know your bartenders a bit better). While their drinks menu changes some aspects weekly, we recommend you try their ‘Brooklyn breakfast’ which is a twist on the ‘New York sour’, containing toasted rye bread infused with wine, foamy egg white, whiskey and special homemade coffee liquor!

    Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/jiggersthenobledrugstore/photos/

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