The Drifter


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Belgium's first authentic tiki bar, The Drifter takes all guests on a trip to the South Pacific by pouring fine tropical drinks crafted the right way.

The first modern tiki bar to open its doors in Belgium, The Drifter has arrived on the scene offering a warm and carefree tropical escape in the heart of the gorgeous medieval city of Ghent.
Walking in The Drifter is to be set adrift to an island in the South Pacific, as you are immediately surrounded by rows of rattan, fanciful fishing net on the walls, perched parrots, and more chunky Polynesian statues than you can shake an oar at. 
The brainchild of a one-time tiki drink sceptic, The Drifter’s owner saw the light about these libations once he researched the fascinating history of tiki bars, and learned how unlike some of the knock-off tropical drinkeries that had popped up in later years, the original venues in California were steadfastly dedicated to cocktail craftsmanship and quality.  While there’s no way to know precisely how many rum recipes were sampled during his hours of research, we do know that it led him to make The Drifter a place devoted to doing things the right way; serving only the freshest juices, homemade syrups and premium spirits in their drinks. And speaking of those cocktails, while they certainly make mean mai tais here and you won’t regret a night sipping on them exclusively, it’s the roster of signatures and specials all inspired by the classics that truly separates The Drifter from the mainland competition.