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May 11, 2018

Rogano is an institution in Glasgow! It has a famous Art Deco interior which remains almost totally unchanged from its opening several decades ago!

Fancy a cruise? Albeit land-locked, the Rogano is an institution in Glasgow, perhaps to the same extent The Ivy is to London. Its famous Art Deco interior was inspired by the similar designs of the Queen Mary Ocean liner built in the Glasgow docks and it remains virtually unchanged since it opened over seven decades ago (it’s actually the oldest surviving restaurant in the city). Justifiably renowned for its Scottish fish and seafood dishes, it is one of the city’s best restaurants and perennially popular. The main restaurant is the place to go if you’re feeling flush or have something to celebrate and favours the traditional dishes – salmon, langoustines, scallops, lobster, halibut and oysters, prepared and presented in classic style, complemented by a wine list that veers heavily towards France (they also do a glorious afternoon tea). Café Rogano offers lighter, more affordable fare and is a popular spot with the shoppers who have been giving their credit cards a work out in the city’s enviable array of retail spots, while the oyster bar is ideal for light bites accompanied by a glass of something fizzy (there’s even a terrace, for the rare days when the Scottish weather allows outdoor dining). There’s also a private dining space available for larger parties. Tucked away just off one of the main retail streets, Rogano feels miles away from the scrum of shoppers stepping inside is like stepping into another era. A wonderful place to eat and drink, you’ll find the bartenders add to the atmosphere of thirties decadence handsomely, with perfectly mixed cocktail classics.