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Astrid & Gaston


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May 11, 2018

Purveyor of globally-acclaimed Peruvian fare, Astrid & Gastón is also home to one of the finest wine lists in South America and market-fresh cocktails.

One of the most famous restaurants in all of South America, Lima’s Astrid & Gastón has been basking in the limelight for over two decades now. Starting in 1994, when it was founded by recent Parisian culinary school graduates Astrid Gutsche & Gaston Acurio, Astrid & Gastón has garnered headlines for its skill and ingenuity in the kitchen. Eventually, the two chefs’ inspirations changed from European to Peruvian, and along the way they became trailblazers in bringing the diverse and unique flavors of Peru to the world’s pallette. As the accolades piled up, Astrid & Gastón remained focused on producing groundbreaking plates of food and pouring some of the finest wines in the world. Then, around the time of their twentieth anniversary, the restaurant moved locations to a grand historic building, and included a casual concept called La Barra under the same roof that specializes in producing some of the best cocktails in Peru. At La Barra, guests are treated to an upbeat and laid back version of Astrid & Gastón, without compromising on any of the quality that you would expect from the name. Cocktails run the gamut from international classics like aviations, mojitos, and old fashioneds to Peruvian pisco sours. The star of the cocktail show is their acclaimed Market range that includes dazzlers like the semi-sweet Aveverde – cucumber-infused vodka, premium gin, Italian grape, mint, and lime – and the aromatic Sachango – pisco flavored with mango and cinnamon, Peruvian herbs, citrus, and mango.