Great food

Le Garage à Lumières

Goult-City Centre

4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

An award-winning cocktail bar in a romantic rustic locale in Provence, an evening in the courtyard of Le Garage à Lumières is the definition of enchanting.

Housed in a rustic residential locale in the small village of Goult, Le Garage à Lumières is one of Provence’s most magical dining and drinking destinations.  Strolling into Le Garage à Lumières’ courtyard is to be taken away to an enchanting place, and we can’t think of many venues in France that could offer a finer introduction. Chunky wooden furniture layered with plump white cushions, weathered brick walls lined with vines and flowers, sun-faded soft orange tiles, and pebbles aplenty all lie under strung lines of twinkling fairy lights, and combine to surround you with relaxing village vibes. The atmosphere inside feels like an extension of the charming terrace, and it’s in here where the award-winning cocktails are made.  Yes, that’s right, Le Garage à Lumières is so much more than just a pretty face, as it has collected many an accolade over the last few years for its cocktail craftsmanship, and count us in agreement with the committee. One of the most prized pours is the Shed, which is a floral mix of gin, tequila, lavender syrup, and lime, all enveloped with smoke from grilled lavender. A couple of other knockout concoctions are the warming Oak Secret (premium dark rum, homemade cacao syrup, orgeat, and salted black truffles) and the ‘East meets West’ Lost In Translation (whiskey, Japanese yuzu, elderflower liqueur, lime, limoncello, mezcal, and bitters). We also love their take on the champagne cocktail, which may just be the dream drink to have at dusk in the courtyard.