Le Lion


Le Lion


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Though comparatively new on the scene, Le Lion's Bar de Paris is a classic bar in every sense. One of the best bars in town for cocktails.

Though comparatively new on the scene, Le Lion’s Bar de Paris is a classic bar in every sense. One of the best bars in town, it’s also one of the stand out cocktail bars in Germany – full stop. It’s not a fashion-driven bar, far from it; the ambience is sophisticated, without ever feeling pretentious and the drinks are truly something. The bartenders really know their business, their knowledge of cocktails are encyclopedic and they are genuinely enthused about their craft real care is taken in the preparation of every drink. Of course this level of service and craftsmanship comes at a price, Le Lion isn’t cheap but the quality of the experience is worth every penny these are world class great cocktails. An upmarket evening is guaranteed, but booking a table is very much recommended.

What their peers say
“Jorg Meyer and his band of travelling mixologists have taken the international cocktail scene by storm since opening a few years ago. Guests waiting to enter are offered Champagne while they wait to sip sophisticated cocktails shaken or stirred with double frozen ice and served in elegant stemware. The Germans are famous for their attention to detail and rigorous manufacturing standards: the same goes for the drinks served at Le Lion.” Jim Meehan of PDTNew York

“We considered this bar to be one of the best cocktail bars in Germany when we were there last year. The ambience is dark, classy and tasteful without trying too hard and the drinks are meticulously made. The bartenders and waiters are welcoming, but never brash, and seem to be genuinely enthused about their work. On the Friday evening that we were there the bar was quiet, but head bartender Mario Kappes made us feel more than welcome and kept us thoroughly entertained throughout our stay.” Sean Muldoon of The Dead RabbitNew York City