Live music

Ay Lounge


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May 11, 2018

Staff and locals both enjoy sharing fun and fruity cocktails at Ay Lounge, a genuinely welcoming lounge bar with regular live music in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Few lounge bars manage to feel quite as homey as Ay Lounge in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Pull up a pew on one of their comfy sofas or plush velvet chaise longues surrounded by painted brick walls, heavy draped curtains and framed photographs lining the walls and you’d be forgiven for thinking you actually were in someone’s – rather ornate – living room. Largely a locals hangout, Ay Lounge is the place to go to catch live nightly music from artists who sing in both English and Vietnamese, but more than that, it’s also a great place to relax with friends (old and new) with a few fruity cocktails.
The bartenders at Ay Lounge like to have fun, even when they’re not whipping up tasty cocktails. Don’t be surprised if they spontaneously set the bar alight with lighter fluid (we’ve been assured that it’s completely safe, but don’t wear too much hairspray, just in case). The cocktail list sways heavily toward classic cocktails (your grasshoppers, martinis and singapore slings), but the bar staff will happily whip you up one of their signature concoctions (we didn’t ask what was in the Listerine or the Viagra, but they seem to slip down easily with the punters). Premium spirits are available by the bottle or muddled into a tall drink with mixers and there’s also a handful of mocktails and soft drinks.