Bar +84


  • Beer
  • Great food
  • Live music
4.3 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bar +84 is a laidback Hanoi locals bar and restaurant that specializes in classic cocktails, premium spirits, international food and live music.

Named after the dialling code for Vietnam, Bar +84 takes laidback drinking and dining to a whole new level. The interior is fairly stripped-back, with painted concrete walls, portraits of famous faces, eclectic lighting (fairy lights and a chandelier made from empty beer bottles co-exist here) and a few shiny wooden tables. Bar +84 is a locals hangout, but one that welcomes visitors with open arms.
The drinks list is fairly extensive, with cocktails erring on the side of the classics. There’s several different flavors of mojito, a caipirinha, a martini and an americano which forgoes the usual club soda for a zingy addition of toasted lemon and orange peel. The spirits selection at Bar +84 is impressively filled with premium brands and aged whiskies, along with a few absinthes (unnervingly named ‘suicide absinthe’, but don’t let that put you off). We’re big fans of their beer cocktails, like the Peach (draught beer, peach liqueur, brandy and grenadine), and their international bottled beers are offered on happy hour each evening. Wine lovers are also invited to the party, and can choose from a varied selection of whites and reds from Spain, Chile and France. For a change of pace, Bar +84 features regular live music and an international food menu that includes everything from foie gras to hot ribs and pizza.