Cosa Nostra


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May 11, 2018

Counihans in cork, Ireland is a two story pub and bar that show off complete contrast on each level.

While Hanoi is popularly known for its big bustling clubs and sky bars, Cosa Nostra are collecting quite a crowd as they are the newest café bars in the neighbourhood. Battling against the likes of Starbucks, we think Cosa Nostra are doing particularly well, as the traditional vibe of the place is very welcoming. The building is a coffee shop of a day and bar of a night, which works splendidly with the clientele of the busy streets outside. Twelve-foot high ceilings give Cosa Nostra a huge feel inside, and you can hop up onto one of their large sharing tables in the centre. There are beautiful designer lampshades that hang delicately from the high ceilings, which also contrast the dark timber walls and bar. Serving up traditional Vietnamese cuisine there isn’t much that can go wrong on their menu. If you visit for a quiet cup of daytime coffee, take a seat in one of their relaxing chesterfield couches and you have to go for some Vietnamese drip coffee, in particular the ‘caphe sua da’. Don’t forget to check out the upstairs patio, where you will see picturesque views of Co Tan flower Gardens. Of an evening the place transforms from a tranquil coffee shop into a more energetic bar. The bar has a decent wine list to check out and is definitely somewhere you want to chill with a group of friends.