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May 11, 2018

1515 West is a stylish American bar and grill in Shanghai

Set in the financial district and part of the Jing An Kerry Centre, this super stylish hotel is a gleaming and modern space, all glass and chrome. It’s everything you’d want from a big city hotel, chic and contemporary. The 1515 West Chophouse and Bar is a classic American bar and grill, that serves its own brand of beef from Australia. The bar serves bespoke cocktails and premium whiskies. The décor is classy, all black and white tile and rich black leather, with a gleaming marble bar and polished wood. The food is excellent, the service slick and smooth. The steaks are an obvious option, but there’s also oysters as well as other seafood. The wine cellar features a great range of new world wine and champagne, vermouth and sherry. There’s a sommelier on hand to help you choose, or you could just opt for another delectable cocktail.