Lobby Lounge


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May 11, 2018

A relaxing retreat inside the Sheraton Hanoi, the Lobby Lounge is the place to go to unwind, sip fine wine and cocktails, and enjoy afternoon tea.

Mere minutes from Hanoi’s historic Old Town, the Sheraton hotel lies on the fringes of the city’s famous West Lake, and offers guests and visitors alike a relaxing escape from the busy city outside. And as far as keeping entertained inside the hotel is concerned, the Lobby Lounge is the place to get together for a drink while admiring the view of the lake and the construction of fine cocktails. 

The Lobby Lounge impresses from the moment you spot the luxurious furniture in all shades of pink, purple, and brown, and the exotic greenery that lines the room; and once you settle in and order a drink, things just take off from there. The bar is known in the city for presenting ‘Wines of the World’, and when you combine that with the cocktails being poured by a bartending staff as sharp as you would expect from the Sheraton team, there couldn’t be a better place to spend and evening. There aren’t many views of the lake that beat the Lobby Lounge’s, and if you saunter up to the windows of the bar around dusk, you are definitely in for a treat. If you fancy daytime dalliances, the Lobby Lounge has also gained quite a reputation for its afternoon tea, an elegant and time-honored way to while away an afternoon in the capital. Bottom line: the Lobby Lounge is destined to make your trip to Hanoi that much more special.