New Square Club


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May 11, 2018

Raucous and racy, New Square Club is Hanoi’s answer to Studio 54. Enjoy top-class DJs, bottle service and plenty of dancing at this nightclub venue.

New Square Club is to Hanoi what Studio 54 was to New York (or so we assume). Loud, lively, filled with mirrored walls and strobe lighting, it really is a nightlife destination. They don’t do things by half here, with gymnasts, dancers, DJs, balloons and live musicians filling the large stage on any given night. It’s basically where you come when you want to celebrate something; a birthday, a works party, a Saturday…
As with most nightclubs in Vietnam, drinks at New Square Club revolve around bottle service, usually served with mixers and fresh fruits. Spirits are international brand names, and purchasing a bottle for your group usually works out better value for money than ordering several rounds at the bar. The beer selection is small (mainly just bottles of a certain well-known Dutch brand), but no-one’s coming to New Square Club for a great craft beer selection anyway. Themed nights are a regular fixture, usually to promote a holiday, spirits brand or big-name DJ (the fire-breathers and belly-dancers on Arabic Night were a particularly special addition), but every evening is like a party here, so it really doesn’t matter when you time your visit.