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    Helsinki's first design hotel, The Klaus K is one of the city's smartest sleeps. Perched at the top of the Esplanadi, everything about it is sleek, modern, elegant and design-minded, from its quirky rooms inspired by Finland's national epic, The Kalevala, to its holistic urban spa. This ethos is carried through to the hotel's in-house bar/club Ahjo, an ultra modern space with glittering lighting and a cool central bar. If you're wondering what's in the name, Ahjo was inspired by the core of the fire where the Sampo (a magical artifact from The Kalevala) was forged. The Sampo brought power and happiness to its owners, and now Ahjo promises to forge a few good memories for its jet-set clientele. Opening at 4pm, the Ahjo acts as a chic lounge bar from Monday to Thursday, with a great (if expensive) cocktail, wine and beer list on offer to ward off the Helsinki chill, and some tasty bar nibbles if you're peckish. Adventurous drinkers would be wise to try a shot of the local specialty lakritsi if you like licorice, that is. On Friday and Saturday nights, the space morphs intro a proper club attracting a beautiful crowd of Helsinki's well-heeled hipster types. With upcoming gigs featured on their website, Ahjo hosts a roster of local and international DJs that keep the place moving until well into the morning. As an added bonus, the weekend cover charge rarely exceeds ß-6, and with room for 350 people, you're not likely to be left out in the cold. There's also a teeny tiny terrace area if you need some air.

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