Liberty or Death
    City-Center, Helsinki

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    Fancy an exotic little detour from Helsinki's stylised bars and standard cocktail menus? Then make your way to Liberty or Death, the new small cocktail bar taking Helsinki's drinking scene by storm. If you manage to find the inconspicuous entrance (it's on a main street, but it's really easy to miss) in Helsinki's design district, you'll find yourself stepping through the door and into what feels like another time. Adjusting to the gloom, you'll see shelves crammed with books and spice jars, while the bar is littered with old word paraphernalia, from oversized hourglasses to vintage oil lamps and antique cocktail tools regulars can even opt to rent a drawer in the antique chest within which to keep their personal liquor stash. Candles wedged in old liquor bottles provide the main light source in the lounge room-style bar, and the jazzy soundtrack adds to the old world vibe. With names like Jabberwocky, Mutineer and Before They Are Hanged, you can tell the rotating cocktail list is pretty innovative if you like rare spirits and inspired flavour pairings, this is the place for you. The bartenders, smartly dressed in 1920s-era attire, are only too whip up one of your personal favourites, too. Seating ranges from low benches to high tables, and a couple of bar stools, but if you're sitting near one of the exposed brick walls, feel around to see if any of the bricks are loose. The owners hope that you'll pry one out and leave them a secret message. Maybe they've even left one for you.

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