Hong Kong-Central

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Bibo is an incredibly stylish place. Art is a huge draw, along with the great food and drink. Relax and enjoy the dazzling cocktails whilst in Hong Kong.

There was a lot of hype surrounding Bibo before it opened. A lot of hype. And while it’s hard for any one place to live up to all that, it delivers on a number of levels. There’s an incredibly stylish dining area, a feast for the eyes, with its bold blue banquettes, and absolutely crammed with artworks by prominent artists including a Takashi Murakami sculpture and a vast wooden installation by Kaws.

The art is huge draw here, but the food and drink are also well worth your attention (and they should be given the prices). Food is impeccably presented – no surprises there – and French in influence with premium ingredients, foie gras, sliced truffle on sourdough toast, and so forth.

There’s a bumper wine list and some dazzling cocktails.  Good as all this is, it’s the room, as much a modern art gallery space as a bar or restaurant, that really astonishes and lives in the memory.

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