Hong Kong-Central

4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Some like it hot – at least this is what the prolific duo of Jason Atherton and Jenn Wong are hoping.

Some like it hot – at least this is what Yenn Wong is hoping. Thai food is known for its kick, and nowhere more so than the north of the country, with its knock-your-socks-off Issam cuisine. While the focus is on the food, there is a small bar area at the entrance of this two-floor establishment in the still-trendy part of Hong Kong somewhat ironically labeled ‘PoHo’ – that is, at the corner of Possession St and Hollywood Rd, meaning that a quick drink before sitting down to eat – or going elsewhere in the well-appointed neighbourhood – is eminently a possibility. The cocktails, naturally, tend toward a Thai influence, making good use of the distinctive ingredients that come as part of the Thai dining experience. The Calicasa Fresca, for example is a salted plum and calamansi creation, using Casamigos Reposado Tequila and a kaffir lime sugar rim, garnished with salted lemon. The restaurant and small bar are fairly unassuming – stylishly decked out, for sure, but with a down-to-earth feel that anyone familiar with the Land of Smiles will instantly recognise. Its open front and busy, reservation-free policy adds to the Thai vibe that the murals and Thai. Tiled floors, an abundance of bare bulbs and painted sheet metal give Chachawan a distinct atmosphere that is at once unpretentious and effortless. You certainly wouldn’t mind coming here in flip flops and shorts, although you might draw the line at that ratty old Red Bull singlet.
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