Flint Grill & Bar


Flint Grill & Bar

Hong Kong-Central

4.4 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Flint Grill & Bar can be found in the JW Marriott of Hong Kong, this modern, sleek bar is a must visit.

Flint stands apart from the staid environs of the JW Marriott’s lobby and its other watering holes with a sleek, modern style. The front few rooms may make you think of a sexier version of a Dean & DeLuca or another upmarket grocery store with its open plan, long marble tables and mix of produce and accoutrements on display. Flint’s interior designers might call it “industrial chic,” but the artisanal food store sense remains with little touches with bar nuts served in vintage style tins. It’s a large space and move through the interconnected rooms to the back and an open plan dining area is revealed. What sets the bar area apart is some low lighting and a few options for seating – low banquettes, tables for a tête-a-tête or lounging by the marble counters where the bartenders ply their trade. The mixologists here are young and ambitious, with regular additions to the menu born from their creative energies. Making them is something of a spectacle – the gin-based The Sky Is The Limit and Holy Smoke!! combine with adventurous ingredients like rosewater carbon dioxide and candy-floss. For something a bit more filling the superior bar snacks include market fresh oysters and steak tar-tare.

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