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May 11, 2018

One of the most stunningly designed speakeasies in the world, entering Foxglove feels like walking on a movie set, one catered with world class cocktails.

Brought to you by the creative hospitality team that presented the colourful world of Mrs. Pound to Hong Kong, Foxglove is the domain of a fictional globetrotting English gentleman, one who loves his umbrellas nearly as much as he loves the good life.

After entering the umbrella shop (that looks more like a high end jewellery boutique), you must find the particular umbrella handle that will reveal the hidden world behind the dazzling display cases. Once you do, you enter what feels like a first class airplane cabin from the 1950s. The plush deep purple colours in the room are both moody and masculine, bringing to mind another English gentleman, the one that dabbled in the spy game and loved to sip martinis. While the main room feels like first class air travel, a second room (only accessed by putting your hand to a painting, naturally) looks like it was lifted off the Orient Express, complete with crimson red couches and slats in the wall that help emulate movement.

With all this wonderful window dressing, it can be easy to forget that you came for the cocktails.  We managed just fine though, with a few of our favourites being the Fox Martini – sake, premium gin, cherry liqueur, and grapefruit bitters – Camellia & Daisy – oolong milk tea-infused cognac, homemade orange cordial, egg white, and a dash of orange bitters – and the Eastern Promise – green pepper-infused premium gin, yuzu marmalade, guava, lemon, star anise, and a splash of absinthe.
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