Peel Fresco
    Central, Hong Kong

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    The place to get your scat on in Hong Kong. This unobtrusive, but well-regarded Peel Street bar is one of the only true jazz haunts in Hong Kong, and true to form it is small, cramped and down at heel. Regardless it continues to pack them in and with the greats, like Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald staring down from the walls from their mounted posters, it has a real jazz vibe, minus the smoke. It hosts live music regularly, with the owner, Joyce Xxx, recognized in Hong Kong's music scene as one of the city's true champions and benefactors. Live venues in Hong Kong are relatively few and far between, a lament of music lovers in the city, meaning Peel is even more valued as an institution here. The interiors are unremarkable, and the drinks fairly standard, but that's not why people continue to loyally patronize this long-running bar. On any given night you can reliably turn up and expect to entertained by an array of musicians of a varying degree of talent. Its companion bar, Joyce is not here, closed down a couple of years ago, much to the distress of its loyal following, meaning Peel is left to carry the torch. Despite rents in the neighborhood skyrocketing, it's hoped that Peel will resist the relentless march of 'progress' and continue provide a true home for the city's jazz lovers. Check their website for a full list of live events. Read More Find out more about the Bar Stars at Peel Fresco

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