Hong Kong-Central

2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Oh, we do like to drink beside the Quayside. Or rather, we will.

Oh, we do like to drink beside the Quayside. Or rather, we will. Construction all around this Wan Chai bar and restaurant – part of a long-term vision for Hong Kong’s waterfront – is far from done and as a result it sits somewhat in the middle of a huge construction site. It’s a shame, because it has a rather lovely terrace, which they have done their best to shield from the noise and dust of the nearby building site. The air here is also tinged with the smell of the harbour, which, if you know Hong Kong, is less bracing, more retch inducing. Inside, however, is nice, if underutilized. It is rarely, if ever, a problem to get a table at Quayside, which is partly a victim of its location. It’s Fenwick Pier location is fairly unique in Hong Kong – it sits right on the waterfront in Wan Chai, only something, really that the hulking Convention Centre next door can boast. Instead, it is housed in a quaint little three-story building designed originally to receive American servicemen from the visiting navy ships. It still functions as that, and Quayside sits a little awkwardly alongside shops selling gaudy souvenirs. It is supposedly a French establishment but is fairly international in its menu and its drinks list. Getting there is a little bit of a trial, as it isn’t really near anything else. Getting a cab to CITIC building is probably the best bet – it’s just across the street.  Otherwise you could easily find yourself lost in a maze of elevated walkways and pavements that suddenly peter out. 
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