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Room 309
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Apr 06, 2020

Headed by Hong Kong superstar mixologist Antonio Lai, this hidden gem inside Central’s The Pottinger hotel has key card access and an invisible signature menu.

Room 309 is an exclusive speakeasy located inside a secret hotel room at Hong Kong’s The Pottinger. To gain access, one must check in and obtain a key card from “The Reception”, which can be found at the Envoy restaurant on the hotel’s third floor. Once inside, the windowless, small sitting venue envelops us in an experience removed from space and time. Dimly lit and richly decorated, the interior features antique wooden pillars carved with lions, an art deco-inspired marquetry bar counter, a wall adorned with intricate engravings and protruding locks and keys, and opulent dark green curtains tying the room’s color palette together. 

Known for his “Multisensory Mixology” concept, which he first introduced at his world-famous venue Quinary, head bartender Antonio Lai has done it again, presenting a list of brilliantly executed classics alongside a creative cocktail menu that plays with our perceptions. Aptly named “Invisible Cocktails”, the premise is the following: what would a drink taste like if we freed it from any preconceived notions associated with its color? Bringing this idea to life through cutting-edge culinary techniques, the spirits and ingredients are redistilled and centrifuged to remove their tint while preserving all of the aromas. This results in crystal clear libations that allow the palate to experience a surprising new world of flavor complexity.

Try house signature Forests and Fields, made with 12 year-old Redbreast, homemade figs and hibiscus puree, orgeat, lemon juice and black walnut bitters, and garnished with hibiscus icing sugar. Another favorite is the Banana di Mana, with Beefeater 24 gin, banana nectar, coriander tincture, simple syrup, soda water and micro herbs. 

For such a small space, Room 309 manages to transport us to a new realm of possibilities where every detail has been calibrated to awaken the imagination. Everything from the setting and decor to the drinks makes this one of our top Hong Kong date night spots, so make sure you put it on your list for your next special evening out. The bar sits around 20 people and doesn’t take reservations, so come early.