Hong Kong-Central

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Looking for a great rooftop bar in Hong Kong? World's Best Bars recommends Sevva, owned by Bonnie Gokson - it is seriously stylish spot.

Regularly heading lists of Asia’s top rooftop bars, Sevva is a dazzling space in more ways than one. It might not be the tallest, but it is the swankiest. Owned by Hong Kong style icon, Bonnie Gokson, the seriously stylish penthouse bar perches on the top of the prestigious Prince’s Building. It boasts an absolutely spectacular wraparound terrace with amazing views of the skyline, particularly of Norman Foster’s HSBC building and I.M. Pei’s distinctive China Bank, and out over the harbour. It attracts a crowd of glamorous, moneyed types, expensive suits and fat wallets, but that’s to be expected and is all part of the package. Cocktails are well made if priced to reflect the surroundings, try the fresh fruity Kama Sutra cocktail, a rum-laced mix of passion fruit, mango, and lime, rum, or maybe acquire some fizz it’s that kind of place before losing yourself in one of the most glorious views the city has to offer.