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Shady Acres
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Hong Kong-Central

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Feb 19, 2020

What’s better than happy hour? Two happy hours. The friendly wine and spirit bar on Peel Street has quickly become the go-to place for quality cheap drinks, delicious small bites, and an all-around good time.

If you’ve been looking for where to drink in Hong Kong but have no idea where the fun crowds are, look no further than Shady Acres. This lively bar offers a selection of more than 200 handpicked wines, a comforting selection of western food items, and a playful cocktail list of well thought-out creations, drawing in packs of fun-loving and social people who appreciate fine drinks. The best part? There’s not one, but two happy hours every day, one in the after work time slot between 5PM and 8PM, and one for the late night party people from 11PM to 1AM. On the weekends, friends gathering for brunch turn into dancing revellers once the evening sets in, and the Central bar’s easy-going hipster vibe spills out onto the street.

The interior is warmly lit, and with its used floor tiles, light wood counters and large communal table, it definitely has a homelike feel. There are two side-by-side bars, one for cocktails, and one for the wine selection. The bar bites and sharing plates are prepared and served in the open kitchen. But don’t let the simple decor and bubbling atmosphere fool you: this place is all about fine wines and high quality drinks.

Headed by self-declared “wine geeks” Ryan Nightingale and Mike Watt, this is an unpretentious wine bar with a real point of view, one that’s multicultural just like its city. Using a global approach, wines from both the old and the new world are imported based on their dynamic terroirs. Guests can choose from a diverse and sharp selection of over 200 boutique bottles and around 20 by-the-glass options. The cleverly executed cocktails, on the other hand, are made with house-infused liquors, homemade cordials and preserved fruits. Try their signature Liquid Gold, with Lillet, prosecco, orange bitters, lemon tonic water and mint. Another Shady Acres favorite is the Retrograde Lemonade, with vodka, apple juice, crushed ginger, elderflower, dry vermouth, lemon, and “childhood nostalgia”, served in the kind of vintage novelty drinking glasses that marked our childhoods.