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May 11, 2018

Sohofama is a bit of a concept destination, but it’s one founded on well-tested ideas.

Sohofama is a bit of a concept destination, but it’s one founded on well-tested ideas. Hong Kong lifestyle brand Good of Desire (G.O.D) has been updating the city’s retro design gems and selling them back to it on plates and pillowcases for nearly 20 years. It’s joined forces with Locofama, a Sai Ying Pun eatery that uses locally-grown organic produce, to set up this creative little operation on the ground floor of the recently redeveloped Police Married Quarters. The hook is Chinese comfort food combined with locally-source ingredients, so from the Shanghainese pork buns to the organic miso eggplant, as much of the menu as possible come from nearby – a little like those self-conscious “food miles” restaurants that opened in London and New York. The area immediately outside the small two-room restaurant provides some of the herbs and veg and there are even attempts to create a green wall next to the main bar with some hydroponics. In keeping with G.O.D’s general style, the look is distressed urban chic, with a rather hip mural of the cityscape through the years dominating the back room. The bar itself looks like its been borrowed from a traditional Chinese apothecary, with clear bottles marked by home-spun labels providing some of the alcoholic options among the usual mainstream suspects. Among the signature cocktails is Plum Sours, that’s just the right side of tart and mixed using two-year-old plum infused rice wine. Served in a glass decanter with a dash of dry ice its a taste of modern and old Hong Kong flavours, much like the joint itself.
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