Soi 7


Soi 7

Hong Kong-Central

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May 11, 2018

Soi 7-Similar to Koh Thai, is the more youthful sister of the two restaurants. Found also in Hong Kong, Soi 7 provides a tasty range of foods and cocktails.

The contemporary, stylish Soi 7 is a popular Thai bar and restaurant on bustling Wyndham Street. Owned by the same people as Koh Thai but with a more youthful vibe, it’s a smart, modern venue with striking monochrome wall art and colourful décor. The food menu similarly blends the modern and the traditional and features supremely tasty things like spicy shrimp, Thai dumplings, ‘laughing bull’, a tender beef dish cooked for 12 hours, addictive lemongrass chilli fries, and a magnificent, Instagram-worthy Pad Thai lobster featuring an entire Boston lobster. Be sure to save room for Chocolate Chilli Lava Cake for dessert. Soi 7 also serves a great range of wines and some quality, inventive cocktails which pair well with their vibrantly spiced food.