Staunton's Wine Bar


Staunton's Wine Bar

Hong Kong-Central

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May 11, 2018

Home to some of the world's tastiest wines alongside terrific cocktails and live sports, Staunton's Wine Bar is a Hong Kong nightlife institution.

One of the most popular places to see-and-be-seen sipping wine
and cocktails in Hong Kong, Staunton’s Wine Bar has achieved near-institution
status in this electric city.

A ground-breaker in many ways, Staunton’s Wine Bar was one of
the first bars in the city to label itself as a wine bar, and one of the first
establishments opened alongside the famous Central-Mid Levels Escalator and
Walkway System – the longest covered escalator system in the world. Not only do
the escalators provide Hong Kong residents with a reprieve from the steep
streets of the city, they provide easy access to the bar and an endless stream
of people-watching opportunities once there, which has no doubt helped the
bar’s popularity. Nowadays, the areas surrounding the Central-Mid Levels are
home to many bars, but there is still only one Staunton’s.

As you enter Staunton’s, your eyes will be drawn to one massive
back-lit wall that is covered entirely with stylish shelves, all filled to the
edge with wine bottles. This is your first tip off that Staunton’s is home to a
vast array of wines from all over the New and Old Worlds. In addition, they
pour a full range of expertly crafted cocktails and beers from all over the
globe. Staunton’s also serves up tasty food with a side of international
sporting events, broadcast on flat screens around the venue, and most nights
you will find an overflow crowd spilling out on to the sidewalk taking it all