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Feb 26, 2020

In a dark alleyway off Wyndham Street, hidden behind a nondescript door, this award-winning speakeasy is one of Hong Kong’s best secret spots.

Stockton is an ode to late-1800s London hedonism. The dimly lit, spacious lounge oozes Victorian glamour and decadence, immersing us into the past the moment we step in. Antique art, furniture and artifacts sourced from Les Puces flea market in Paris decorate the space, with vintage leather sofas, plush chairs, oriental rugs, and intriguing taxidermy giving it a curiosity cabinet feel that’s equal parts mysterious and sophisticated. If you’re looking for a solid date spot, the secretive vibe and many private corners provide the perfect setting for intimate, late-night conversations.

The bar is stocked with exceptional whiskeys (no less than 150 on offer), rare champagnes and gins, supporting a creative cocktail menu designed by a team of award-winning mixologists. At their head, Suraj Gurung, the mastermind behind the bar’s complex creations that seek to reinterpret and reinvent the spirits of the 1800s. The current menu, Origin of the Species, is a cheeky take on Darwinism, providing an alternative evolutionary history of mankind centered around booze. Definitely try signature Cousin Neolith, made with roasted fig syrup, juniper fig leaf tincture, rum, whisky, oloroso sherry, avocado liqueur, cinnamon bark syrup, and lime. Another favorite is Tungus, with clarified corn, banana gum, absinthe, citric solution, egg white, corn husk dust and ghee infused gin.

If you want to come check it out, have a look at the house rules beforehand (you’ll see, they’re well worth a read). Weekdays are best suited for quiet chats, with a weekly oyster night on Tuesdays and live music performances on Wednesdays. It turns pretty animated on the weekend though, and quickly gets crowded, so we recommend you come early if you really want to enjoy the space.