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May 11, 2018

Amalfitana is an Italian restaurant and bar serving up artisan wood-fired pizzas, Italian wines and refreshing fruity cocktails next to Repulse Bay beach.

It isn’t often that an Italian restaurant actually makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the Mediterranean, particularly when said restaurant is located in high-rise Hong Kong. But Amalfitana’s location next to the sandy coastline of Repulse Bay, along with its light and breezy blue-and-white decor, really does make it feel like a little slice of Italy. The restaurant is cozy, with low ceilings, a mural of the Amalfi Coast on its walls and an entrance that opens out completely onto the beach road.

The food at Amalfitana is heavily focused on artisan pizzas, cooked up within seconds in the restaurant’s searing hot wood-fired oven. Starters of eggplant parmigiana, beef carpaccio and decadent burrata kick off proceedings nicely, but the mixed charcuterie platters (boards topped with meats and cheeses) make a perfect light lunch or accompaniment to drinks. Oh, and don’t forget to save room for tiramisu, or panettone, if the season is right. Wine is obviously the most popular drink of choice at Amalfitana, where the extensive menu features mostly Italian grape varieties (the aged reds get our vote for best pizza accompaniment). Cocktails are creative and refreshing, ranging from sangria and spritzes to a fizzy Pirlo (Italian herbal aperitif and prosecco) and a seasonal Calde Spezie (hot cocktail made with rye whisky, vanilla and orange liqueurs, cardamom and chamomile). The bar staff at Amalfitana even make their own homemade limoncello, and considering the restaurant gets its lemons shipped in from Amalfi, we’re guessing it’s’ probably going to be some of the best you’ve ever tasted.