Live music

Dusk Till Dawn

Hong Kong-City-Center

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

In Hong Kong’s raucous Wan Chai district, there’s always one bar you can rely on to start up just when all the others are winding down: Dusk Till Dawn.

The name says it all and just like the vampire filled Tarantino film it was christened after, the party here gets unworldly after the clock strikes midnight. You’ll need to get through the doors by 11:59 if you have any interest in spending your night out in a seat. By 1AM, the place is packed, and an hour later there is precious little room to dance, let alone sit. Once it’s underway, the carousing at this afterparty of afterparties is set to go on until breakfast.

Famous for its lethal cocktails, the drinks at Dusk Till Dawn are pricier than other venues in this part of Hong Kong but don’t let that deter you. It’s one of many sleek, flashy clubs and bars popping up all over this once seedy part of town, recently reinvented as the city’s unofficial party district. If the constant, frenetic crowds are anything to go by, the steeply priced libations are a price well worth paying for the Dusk Till Dawn Experience.

In exchange, you get a heady atmosphere heaving with locals, expats and tourists alike. Together, they create an eclectic mix of party-minded souls whipped into a frenzy by the constant live music soundtrack, which comes courtesy of Dusk Till Dawn’s energetic house band. All hailing from the Philippines, the members of this tireless rock powerhouse provide driving guitar-led reinterpretations of everything from pop ballads to disco classics and indie anthems, affirming their well-earned reputation as the best cover band in town.

First time in the city and looking for a party that stays live until it’s time for your morning meal? Then make your grand entrance at Dusk Till Dawn.