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    Quinary is to cocktails what Spain's El Bulli restaurant is to food, playing with perception, flavour and science to create a pioneering and exciting experience. These are drinks that experiment with aroma and texture, pairing unusual ingredients in unusual ways. Renowned bartender Antonio Lai is adept at taking whatever preconceptions you may hold about cocktails and upending them. Classics are given new and unexpected twists and all five senses are brought into play. This is the cocktail bar as laboratory. The space itself is not super futuristic. Instead it's an almost generic contemporary urban space, low-lit and hip, with leather stools and sofas on which to perch. The real theatre happens in the glass and in the mouth. Cocktails include the Earl Grey Caviar Martini which blends globes of earl grey caviar with elderflower. The Quinary Bloody Mary uses Wasabi redistilled Absolut Vodka as a base spirit and the Oolong Tea Collins makes use of homemade tea syrup. The Quinary Sour pairs whisky with liquorice root and Chinese black sugar and their Barrel Aged Manhattan is made with Chivas 12 years and a splash of vermouth and bitters, aged for six month until it reaches a rich intensity. Bar snacks include cheeses and charcuterie alongside more playful nibbles, spoons of truffled mac and cheese and Bloody Mary mini-burgers. Read More Find out more about the Bar Stars at Quinary

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