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Feb 19, 2020

Known and loved for its creative gourmet bites, the experimental sandwich shop turns Neo-Cantonese cocktail bar and restaurant come happy hour. Since launching just over a year ago, KONG, Bread & Beast’s nighttime concept, has been bringing a flavorful kick to Wan Chai’s bustling nightlife.

Nestled at the end of Swatow Street, a quiet side alley in the heart of Wan Chai, Bread & Beast, with its breezy open front and relaxed outside setting, has been a local staple for artisanal sandwiches and top neighborhood brunch spot since its opening. It has recently been upgraded with a sleek, modern interior and a new evening concept: KONG.

KONG furthers its founders’ innovative approach. Reinterpreting Asian flavors and Cantonese delicacies with a playful twist, the lively range of sharing plates and creative cocktail offer showcase an avant-garde taste of Hong Kong.

The carefully curated East-meets-West beverages celebrate local ingredients and spirits with a sophisticated modern edge. Our favorite, house signature Red & Beast, is made with Redbreast whiskey, black lemon bitters, fresh pear juice, mint, and jasmine blossom tea syrup. The Vodka Fa Diu Soda takes the ultimate anti-cocktail, the Vodka Soda, and elevates it with pineapple infused huadiao, a traditional Chinese yellow wine, and rose honey. And for another riff on a classic, the BJ Negroni subs gin for baijiu, China’s national drink, with vermouth rosso, Campari and grapefruit zest highlighting the beloved alcohol’s complex aromatic profile. To soak it all up, the Scallion Bing with black garlic aioli, Lennon Fries and Shelter Crab Cheesy Cheung Fun are definite must-orders.

Keeping in line with its laid-back roots, KONG is first and foremost a cool, friendly bar. Pop by for one of their Saturday Night Live events, and you’ll find groups of friends gathering for a good time and live music sets showcasing homegrown talents.