Night Out



3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Julep is a spot for both nostalgia and stylish modernity. This Houston bar specialises in classic cocktails of the American South.

Offering a backwards glance to the American South of the past alongside cups overflowing with crushed ice and the finest of spirits, Julep seamlessly serves up both nostalgia and stylish modernity in downtown Houston. Specialising in classic cocktails of the American South – most owning a rich history dating back to Antebellum times – Julep shows off the South’s unique cocktail history brilliantly, and it all starts with the ice.  A cocktail ingredient that we simply take for granted nowadays, ice used to be in scarce supply, and was the exclusive cocktail cooler of only the wealthiest of sippers. In fact, many cocktails of the era were made specifically with a mountain of ice, which was intended to show off the fact that the drinker could afford a cup full of the cold stuff. Most notable of these cocktails is the legendary Mint Julep, of which Julep specializes. They offer multiple versions, with the classic being a simple mix of of premium bourbon and sugar, traditionally topped with a heap of chipped ice all served in a vintage metal cup. Other Southern Belles on the cocktail list are the creamy New Orleans-inspired Ramos Gin Fizz; gin, citrus, cream, egg white and orange flower water, and the Milk Punch; Bourbon, milk, and vanilla alongside a bounty of frosty bourbon concoctions. Each and every drink on the list at Julep offers a slice of Southern life and is guaranteed to keep you cool on their breezy patio when the Houston temperatures soar. 
Main photo credits: Julep official Facebook page