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Pink Champagne


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May 11, 2018

Pink Champagne in Hvar, Croatia is a seductive and exciting nightclub, that parties on until the early morning hours.

Alongside Hvar’s waterfront, and just a little way from the town centre, Pink Champagne is a seductive and exclusive nightclub, ready to get you dancing the night away… When you arrive at the club you will be directed into a swanky room, accompanied by other party goers, which actually turns out to be a lift transporting you to the dance floor! The bare bricked walls, mirrors and plush deep velvet couches bring together a Victorian style-décor combined with modern twist to create a beautiful interior. Partnered with the well-known party group ‘Hula Hula’, Pink Champagne host nightly cabaret shows, with local and international performers, who party until the early hours of the morning. This club also hold a range of events such as ‘lazy Monday’ and ‘dusk till dawn’ to keep their guests entertained and excited to come back for another night of upscale partying! The DJ brings the room to life, playing a range of music from hip-hop and house to some 80’s classics, meaning the night is enjoyable for all guests. This upscale club offers some special VIP booths, which we recommend booking in advance to ensure you get them on your night out, or you can order a bottle of champagne to get yourself seated too.