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May 11, 2018

Hip, modern restaurant-cum-bar that serves seasonal cocktails and sharing platters with all of the flair you'd expect from one of Istanbul's hippest 'hoods.

Named after one of Berlin’s hippest districts (which, incidentally, is also where the bar’s manager lived for a time), Mitte is a shiny new venue which aims to bring innovative cuisine and cocktails to Istanbul’s Karakoy area. Shiny in more ways than one, because the bar-cum-restaurant is filled with gleaming metal shelves, polished copper mugs and glossy glass doors, all giving the illusion of a vast artistic space; an effect which is definitely enhanced by the geometric shapes of the ceiling and light fixtures. Once you’ve stopped gawking at the interior design and taken a seat, Mitte will surprise you with an interesting menu of international cuisine and antipasti sharing platters, perfect for accompanying your poison of choice. They also offer brunch and great coffee, but most locals-in-the-know turn up for dinner and drinks, after which the staff can text you a secret code to gain entrance to Mitte’s underground club venue. On the drinks side of things, Mitte’s waistcoat-ed barstaff are more than adept at whipping up creative combinations that include seasonal ingredients, homemade tonics, fruit extracts and spices. The Wild Rabbit – old pale cognac, homemade orange liqueur, orange jam, sweet-and-sour-sauce, poured over bergamot lime juice – and the Persembeicki – a muddle of homemade pineapple vinegar, fresh pineapple, rum and Caribbean sweet syrup – certainly show off their creative flair, but you can also get your hands on some modern takes on the classics, like an Old Fashioned that can be served with your choice of caramel syrup, star anise, rhubarb root or grapefruit peel-marinated coffee beans.