Jakarta-City Centre

3 / 5

May 11, 2018

A tribute to the flair and flavors of Prohibition-era America in the heart of Jakarta, The Prohibition is a top notch restaurant and cocktail destination.

In the heart of the dizzying and dynamic city that is Jakarta, The Prohibition stands as an oasis of calm and class, where one can step back into the past. As the name indicates, the venue is an homage to the era of Prohibition in America, and fits the part with an interior design heavy on framed pictures, black-and-white tiles, and brass, with the gramophone-inspired lighting fixtures being especially enchanting. The Prohibition is home to two distinct spaces: The Chophouse and the Speakeasy Bar. The Chophouse playfully brags that it serves “food fit for gangsters”, and with a menu heavy on steaks, chops, and fresh flown-in seafood, it’s easy to envision an underworld boss holding court in a corner booth over one of their decadent plates. The Speakeasy Bar is the cocktail-centric portion of The Prohibition, and they have gone to great lengths to create a menu that not only includes all the classics of this era, but also educates a bit on the origin of cocktails. Cocktails like the Mint Julep, Long Island Iced Tea, Tom Collins, Negronis and many, many more include detailed origin stories on the menu, making a trip to The Prohibition so much more than just a drinking experience. All cocktails are created with the finest of ingredients and served in the ideal glassware for the flavors and textures of the tipple. The bar also dabbles in fun touches like barrel-aged cocktails and sharing cocktails served in miniature bath tubs – an homage to the bathtub gin makers of Prohibition – and live music. Photo credit –