Day Drinking

The Landmark


4.4 / 5 0 / 5

May 11, 2018

Revel in the extensive drinks list at The Landmark, a cosy cocktail bar serving up creative tipples, fine wines and South African craft beers.

The interior of The Landmark is inspired by classic landmarks from around Johannesburg, which may go some way to emphasizing just how much the creators and staff of this bar love their home city. And despite many of us not playing a part in this shared heritage, The Landmark is a cozy and welcoming bar that will greet you with open arms regardless.
Decor is polished and sleek but not stuffy. The curved tiled bar is the perfect place to pull up a stool and sip a few drinks, while the long, communal-style central table is the only place to sit if you want to make some new friends. The bar staff at The Landmark really take their drinks seriously (although not ostentatiously so), so feel free to ask them their opinions if you’re overwhelmed by the menu. Which is likely to happen when you see the extensive cocktail list, crammed with delectable ingredients. Our advice? Try The Kraal if you like your drinks sweet and rich (it muddles aged whisky, vanilla rum, milk, fermented dairy drink, cinnamon & ginger honey and bitters) or the Boy’s Town (bourbon, apple jam, cider, port and tobacco bitters) if you like your cocktails smoky. Some classics have been improved-upon, while others (like the Black Velvet – just stout and champagne) remain wonderfully true to the original recipe. The Landmark also proudly serves a great range of local beers, the list for which changes every few months, and a staggeringly long wine list which sways heavily towards fine wines from around South Africa.