West View


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Western style steak-and-Italian in Kolkata brings the business crowd to West View. It's the Scotch, martinis and massive "Enoteca" wine library you seek!

Not every restaurant in the Science City area is geared towards appeasing the tourists. This business lunch-heavy spot inside the ITC Sonar hotel is known for its grilled steaks, duck and other meat-centric dishes, Italian cuisine, along with immaculate platings. Though business expense accounts are flashing left and right, the casual diner/drinker is equally welcome here, and those thirsting for extensive Cognac and Scotch selections should feel very comfortable here indeed. West View, which boasts a daily changing, unwritten five-course menu, is lauded for its “Enoteca” – an extensive wine library decanted and prepared at your table. And of course, a full bar, under the capable watch of Sankhadeep, means you can enjoy an ice cold Martini with that grilled lamb chop cooked over hot lava rocks. Added bonus: Live classic pop music from a house band most nights. Reservations recommended. Proper attire (Formal or Smart Casuals) recommended.