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Mercy Brown


4.8 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Krakow's first speakeasy, Mercy Brown is a refined place to sip cocktails and pretend you have stepped back in time, assuming you can find the entrance.

Mercy Brown affectionately calls itself a dive bar, but what you will find inside its hidden basement location is the furthest thing from shabby – or even ordinary for that matter. No, Mercy Brown has created an extraordinary buzz since gracefully arriving on Krakow’s cocktail scene, and as the city’s first speakeasy style venue, Mercy Brown has taken the scene here to new heights – or depths as it were. Mercy Brown is located underneath the Smakolyki restaurant, and you can only gain access if you find the secret entry – hint, look in the wardrobe. Once inside, you are transported to a vintage era of style and elegance, with chandeliers and frilly lampshades softly shining above and plush velveteen couches, golden drapes, and dim candlelight before you. Behind the bar, antique glasses, stirrers, and old-fashioned vaporisateurs (for adding fragrance to cocktails) await alongside a staff that concocts wonderful renditions of classics with assorted twists. Just a few examples of their handiwork include the Bubblekiwi – Polish vodka, ginger, kiwi, and sparkling wine – Tea Time – gin, jasmine tea cordial, and elderflower liqueur – and a Breakfast Fizz – gin, cardamom, apricot, sparkling wine, and lemon. Add into this mix jazz music and an occasional special event like a recent Burlesque Night, and you have a more-than-welcome addition to the Krakow nightlife scene.