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Kuala Lumpur-City-Center

  • Speakeasy
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May 11, 2018

One of the finest speakeasies in Kuala Lumpur, IKKI creates stunningly delicious cocktails and presents them in an extraordinary set of vessels.


The largest speakeasy in Kuala Lumpur, IKKI lies behind a stately wooden facade at the ultra cool TREC KL complex, and while finding your way in can be a little tricky (hint: just keep pushing the walls in the lobby until one gently gives way), staying a while will prove a piece of cake.  Before you’ve had a chance to be blown away by the cocktail craftsmanship on display at IKKI, you’re bound to be dazzled by the decor of the place. Yes, they’ve taken a classic Prohibition-era aesthetic and added a bit of bling in the form of slick parquet floors, plush vintage chairs, and crystal lighting fixtures; and the staff sports sharp period uniforms while they pour truly timeless beauties. All cocktails seemingly one-up each other on presentation (they may just have coolest collection of vessels we’ve ever laid eyes on) and flavor profile, and we could easily stay here all night sipping them while staring at the iconic Petronas Towers.  A few of our favorites are the Mr. Ikki (premium vodka, creme de cacao, homemade lemongrass-laden Thai syrup, fresh lime, and basil served in a vibrant Asian elephant-inspired mug), the Konbanwa (sauvignon blanc, premium gin and vodka, and apple syrup presented in a stunning metal chalice), and the Her Majesty (premium vodka, watermelon and lychee liqueurs, homemade rosemary syrup, and lime), and you can rest assured, they are only the tip of the IKKI iceberg.