Kuala Lumpur-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

PS150 is a cove of forgotten memories and stories, hidden from sight in Kuala Lumpar. It is the perfect place to get cosy while sipping some exotic new cocktails.

China towns most controversial cocktail bar PS150, is a secretive cove full of historic memories and exciting stories. Housed in a preserved war-time building, PS150 is a southeast Asian bar that serves up a lot of culture alongside its cocktails.

PS150 offers a nostalgic atmosphere set back to the war time period. With secrets such as the building was previously a brothel, the bar is intimate and distinctive. The peeling brick walls whisper of long forgotten stories with old fashioned pictures hanging upon them. Perhaps the bar developed its name after the women wrote P.S letters to their soldiers at war? Maybe you can ask the bartenders to tell some classic tales about this den, as you order from one of 5 different categories of cocktails. The recipes come from 5 eras, which are, Vintage, Classic, Tiki, Disco and Contemporary. 

Split into three sections, you have the choice of a vintage opium den lounge, where the lights are down low and there are some private booths- a post-war outdoor terrace and the main bar area. The bar has a large section dedicated to standing/dancing with smaller areas to sit down and relax, which is the perfect combo. With the entrance hidden from the outside (we have a feeling this is to do with their seductive past)- this bar is exclusive to those who have heard about it… 

Flavours come from native Southeast Asia where they have drinks inspired from the buildings history such as, the ‘Salty Chinaman’ that uses lime, preserved lemon and the fragrance of lychee and ginger flower. If you can- match the bars adventurousness, try their range of unique spirits and local wines. Note that the bar intended to keep us on our toes with updates to their cocktail menu every three months. PS150’s cocktails really reflect the character of the place, with exotic tastes all created by chief bartender Angel Ng, who is well known in Kuala Lumpar’s mixology scene. Credit Photo: