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May 11, 2018

In the heart of Lanarca's most historic quarter, Blok Bar serves expertly made and beautifully presented cocktails in an enchanting subterranean space.

Creating cocktails with a touch of class and serving them in a hip space full of history, Blok Bar has quickly become one of the finest places to tip and sip in Cyprus. Before you’ve even had a chance to taste one of Blok Bar’s drinks, you are bound to be impressed with the venue. The bar sits in the heart of Larnaca’s gorgeous old town on a street with centuries of tales to tell, and once inside, this past comes alive and is blended seamlessly with streaks of up-to-the-second style – think chipped-brick aqueduct-esque archways and low light balanced out with chalkboards full of cheeky modern doodlings.

The perfect place for both locals letting loose on the weekend or holiday-makers treating Tuesday as Friday, Blok Bar is always lively and also always on top of its cocktail-making game. The drinks run the gamut from classic concoctions to refreshing original mixes (it is a Mediterranean island, after all) and even tiki-touched tipples, and regardless of what you order, your cocktail will be made with a flair you’d expect from world famous mixology dens (custom ice, flowers and flames for starters). Live music, DJs, and theme nights are also part of what makes Blok Bar special, and regardless of what night you turn up, with its ever-expanding reputation, there’s bound to be a party going on.

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