Late Night Drinking

Vanguard Lounge

Las Vegas-City-Center

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May 11, 2018

A beacon of modern cocktail culture in the heart of Old Vegas, Vanguard Lounge pours award-winning cocktails and wine to locals and hip tourists alike.

In a sizzling hot city like Las Vegas, sometimes you just need to sit down with a cool cocktail, and we are happy to report that there’s no better place in town to do it than at the Vanguard Lounge.
Located in the city’s up-and-coming East Fremont district, the Vanguard Lounge has been impressing all since 2010 with its combination of exquisite cocktails and ultra hip atmosphere. You’ll immediately feel cooler the second you walk in the Vanguard Lounge, as in a part of town known for being the quintessence of ‘Old Vegas’, the venue has a contrasting slick industrial-chic feel to it, featuring grey walls lined with dripping candles and abstract typographic art. Yes, it’s a stunning scene, but it’s the drinks that have turned this place desert famous. 

The cocktails are all the utmost of creative and are painstakingly put together by a team that could compete with the finest on the The Strip. A few of our favorites are the fiery Spanish Rival (premium tequila, apple cider, dry curacao, lemon juice, and cinnamon syrup), the punchy Paint Me Like Your French Girls (French Whiskey, yellow Chartreuse, orange blossom honey, and cherry bitters), and the truly unique Tennessee Rose (apple-spiced whiskey, lime juice, sumac grenadine, and maple syrup). Throw in a stellar craft beer selection sourced from all over America and an award-winning wine selection, and your trip to Old Vegas just got even swankier.