Wet Republic

Las Vegas-City-Center

0 / 5

May 11, 2018

Wet Republic in Las Vegas is an al fresco lounge with two striking saltwater pools. The perfect daytime party spot with popular frozen cocktails.

The jury’s out on the name. Wet Republic? We guess it makes sense in context. Wet Republic is the kind of pool bar one could only come across in Vegas. The al fresco lounge is sleek and striking, decked out in bold blues, yellows and whites. The two saltwater pools are the real stars here though, the deserved centre of attention. There are comfy daybeds scattered all around the pools and a series of party cabanas if you’re looking to really splash the cash. Because of its outdoor location, the place is more about daytime partying than evening adventures they’ve even coined a phrase for it, ‘day-life’ – and it closes at dusk. It’s also dependent on the weather and duly shuts for the season. The bars frozen cocktails are popular and they also offer ‘pitcher service’ in a (kind of) novel pool bar twist on bottle service.

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