Havana Cuban Cafe


Havana Cuban Cafe


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May 11, 2018

Imagine yourself for a moment walking down a typical lane in the heart of Lefkada's old town in Greece.

Imagine yourself for a moment walking down a typical lane in the heart of Lefkada’s old town in Greece. You pass a series of sun-faded pastel buildings on each side as you stroll near the harbor admiring the architecture and blue sea. Then, after turning down a side street, you stumble across something entirely different from the rest. At first, your eye catches glimpses of bright yellows and bold reds splashed on the exterior of what appears to be a bar. As you approach, your ears experience the sounds of a rhythmic music unlike any you have heard before. You step inside this bar to investigate, and find a lively band cranking out scintillating song and cold rum drinks flowing over the bar with reckless abandon. You decide to seek refuge from the sun outside for a while and join the party, and it’s now when you realize that you have been whisked away to an entirely different island thousands of miles away: Cuba. This head-spinning experience has been taking place for scores of people on a daily basis on Lefkada ever since Havana Cuban Cafe opened, and the team behind the Greek bar wouldn’t have it any other way. The bar has been opened to bring a true Cuban experience, and with musicians and premium rum imported from the Caribbean island itself, the bar is authentic with a capital ‘A’.  Even if Cuban culture isn’t your obsession like the dedicated owners of Havana Cuban Cafe, you will have a blast inside the bar pretending for the night.